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Sounds recorded on the B&H Ranch in Sherilton Valley, California.

Many people listen to sound environments as a way to relax or meditate.

To reduce loading times, the following recordings are 30 second loops. You can even leave it running in the background while you work on your computer.

If you would like a CD with the full 1 hr recording, drop me a note with the subject "Sounds" and let me know which recording you'd like.. 

For a small 'no profit' fee ( $5 ) to cover the cost of the CD and postage, I'll send you a copy.

Rob Horne

The Creek

Recorded during the Winter of 2009 at King Creek which flows through our property.  Best with volume set below mid level.

The Wind

Recorded during a Santa Ana wind event on January 13, 2009. Surprisingly, wind is very hard to record. You have to take precautions to keep the wind from hitting the microphone yet still capture the subtleties of the sound. Even with the best equipment, the sound recorded is usually ambiguous and is often mistaken for the sound of ocean surf or even "white sound". Many nature/meditation recordings of wind are merely electronic static manipulated by a technician to simulate wind.

I've done the best I can with this sample. Works best when played with the volume at mid level.

The Frogs

Recorded during the Spring of 2009.  Night time at the pond.