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Operation "Get Back"

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"I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own." -- Andy Warhol



The RetroScape society is a gathering of property owners who are dedicated to returning rural land to its native unblemished condition.  Based on the principle that property development is not essential, the society is embarked on an educational venture that attempts to recreate, explore and study the world as it existed in earlier times.

Different Approaches

  •  Neutral – This is the casual approach and land owners follow the premise used by the managers of our national parks. Members attempt to maintain their property with an emphasis that focuses on nature.  Cars & tractors are kept out of site. Power lines camouflaged or buried. Well houses and utilities de-emphasized or hidden.  When walking this land the visitor should not be able to identify the parcel as being the year 2007 or 1807.  The emphasis is on nature.

  • Native - These members try to return their property to its native, pre-Columbian condition. This can be a casual effort that might simply involve the reintroduction of a native plant species. Some go a step further and deal with issues such as the removal of fencing, rock walls and outbuildings. They’re looking for a pristine landscape, untouched by human hands and physically identical to its native origins.





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