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Operation 'Get Back'



Operation "Get Back"

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Operation 'Get Back'

On April 21 and 22 - 2007, people from all over the world took a step back in time.  Thousands experienced the joy of silence and joined us in celebrating two days of bona fide piece and quiet.

This year the event will be held April 4 thru April 6, 2008. 

Choose Your Level


Level 1 - Spend the weekend without listening to any broadcast news or reading any newspaper.


Level 2 - Turn off the TV for two days.  Some may already be there and don't even own a television. For those who do, see how it feels to go two short days without the tube.


Level 3 - Turn off your power. No electric lights, no internet, no IPod's, no microwave. We're talking candle power.  No phone conversations except for emergencies.


Level 4 - All the above plus, no vehicles. Foot travel only.  Neighborhood visits and hikes are ok but, if you're home, prepare to stay there. Even a weekend campout qualifies as long as you're there Friday night and you stay till Sunday afternoon. Cameras are the one exception for all levels; share your adventure.

Testimonials from 'Get Back'  2007

 "We took the plunge on Friday  afternoon and managed to survive the two days at level 3.  Horseshoe games and barbeque kept us entertained and fed.  And naps!  It was great!"

Joan McCoy
Bellville, Illinois


 "We breezed through the weekend at level 4 and hardly noticed.  Our secret?  Books!
What a great idea!"

James Kennedy
Eugene, Oregon



"No TV for two days? It was a walk in the park - literally.  Next year we'll be doing level 4."

Albert Simmons
Hutchinson, Kansas






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