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Care to post an article on Venture Outdoors?

Have you or your children written a story about their camping & hiking adventures? Care to share your story about that encounter with a bear or other wildlife? Do you have equipment reviews or camping advice? Care to post your ideas on issues like hunting or open space management?  I am also interested in receiving "end user" reviews on hiking products as well as book reviews. You of course will retain all rights to your posted story. Submit your writing in any format to: . This is not a writing contest. Those days of being graded for grammar and spelling are over. (Personally, I can't spell a  thing without a spell checker.)  I I'm looking for "real people" experiences and reviews.

As I have stated elsewhere, we are  a non-profit website so I don't have much to offer for your efforts. I will post your name prominently and gladly provide a link to your own website or business. You do not have to list your email address unless you wish. All email addresses are coded to prevent spam harvesters.   More on this subject