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Backpacking has been described as, "long walks of drudgery separated by an occasional beautiful view"

From Pierce Ferry into canyon
Grande Canyon

"I guess I instinctively squeezed, because I suddenly had a rattlesnake in my hand."



May 2009 - This website re-surfaces after being gone for 7 years

Venture Outdoors is about the wilderness. For 35 years we have been involved with backpacking, hiking, birding, biking and open space preservation. Now we invite you to share your outdoor adventures with us.

Current Articles


Terror on the John Day (PDF document)
by Dr. T.J. Hanson

"I look up into the woods expecting to see a snarling, salivating hulk heading our way."
Where'sa Momma??
A story from New Jersey's Northern Highlands
by Pete Treible
Here’s just a few words to share just a few bits of a day in a glorious and special place, a place we call Wilderness.
A Day in the Wilderness.....
by mcg mcgdog
"Instead of staring at me, the cougar was now fixed on Hawkeye."
 Mason County Cougar
by Elizabeth Robinson
In the Hiking Dept.
Backpacking with Children
by Evan Hill

 In the Geocaching Section.
Geocaching Adventure in Hong Kong
by Worldtraveler
"Armed with my trusty garden hose, standing on the roof, I sprayed water on the side of the house"
Fire on the Mountain
by Bill Tichenor
in the hiking section

You Know You're a Real Backpacker When...
by Darren Hill

In Wildlife Encounters
The Cumberland Island Snake Strike
by Randy Cone
In Wildlife Encounters
Rattlesnake Encounter by John Black
In the Birding Section
Desert Solitaire - Bird Sighting
by John Oliver

In the Birding Section
Making a Wildlife Habitat by Joe Marshall

In the Hiking Dept.

In the Open Space Dept.
The Hunter
by Michael A. Lewis

In the Hiking Dept.
by Catherine Horne

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Headed up Saw Mill Pass - California Sierras

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"It's 9:15 pm and I'm downstairs watching TV when I see a mother raccoon looking at me through the window in the front door."


"As I placed my right foot on the ground on the other side of the bricks, a three-foot rattler struck my foot from under the column."