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Here are a few photos that I took this past summer
while in Adirondack state park in upstate NY. The man
on the mountain is myself, it was taken on the summit
of snow mountain.

Edward Politza



The hike to the summit was a
resurrection to my outdoor spirit. It had been years
since I hiked in the Adirondacks. The early portion
of the hike was rainy, but that lasted only an hour or
Edward Politza


It warmed up into the 70's as we the sun came
out, but we climbed straight into the clouds. Where
it could have only been 50 degrees or so. The round
trip to the summit and back is somewhere around 7
Edward Politza


Wayne Meddley

Mabry Mill, about 25 miles north of the North Carolina line in Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Wayne & Marjorie's Travels

Joe Marshall's "Sunset at Birdland"

Birdland in Jacumba.


Snakes Alive

Courtesy of the Exxon Company
This photo was doing the email rounds at the SDSU Geology Dept.
No other details.