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I've retired the following pages. I've left them up as a reference for family members and a way to reminisce over some fairly silly endeavors. I think I spent about 10 minutes during a break at work doing The RetroScape Society. :-) That would be over 15 years ago! The internet was young and fooling with these pages was my way of figuring it out.

Of course things on the internet never go away and people like myself who bought into the Blogging craze are still cringing at some of the stuff we wrote. I can't bring myself to delete it so I'm burying it all here. My parcel in the internet graveyard. Maybe it's more like a pet cemetery.

Rob Horne


     The B&H Ranch

       Located in San Diego County California in an area named Sherilton Valley

This website is a bit of a relic. I put it up when Geocities was a popular hangout and personal websites were becoming ubiquitous. It was a fun and innocent pastime and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  The weather page and webcam are still updated constantly and Iíve left all the other pages online out of sentimentality as much as anything.  If somehow you stumbled across it while Googling the web, welcome to 1998 and the "Route 66" of websites.


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    The Horne (Horan) Family History