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The B&H Ranch is located near Descanso, 40 miles east of San Diego California in an area named Sherilton Valley.  The  20 acre ranch  includes pastures, barns, oaks and a creek. The landscape could be described as, "natural" and we have made a concerted effort to restore the land to its native plant life. The neighborhood is a close knit community in a rural mountain valley surrounded by the National Forest.  It's a quiet place but we live in wildfire country and are on constant alert for that danger.




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On February 14, 2013 I finally captured this video of our local cougars.

This website is a bit of a relic. I put it up when Geocities was a popular hangout and personal websites were becoming ubiquitous. It was a fun and innocent pastime and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  These days, out of that context, the B&H Ranch website looks a little, well, I’ll say “quaint”.

The weather page and webcam are still updated constantly.  I’ve left all the other pages online out of sentimentality as much as anything.  If somehow you stumbled across it while Googling the web, welcome to 1998.

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