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During September of 2005 I installed a motion activated camera so I could photograph the wildlife that visit our property. Sometimes called wildlife cameras, game cameras, hunting cameras, trail cameras or scouting cameras, they all do basically the same thing. They take a picture of wildlife that activate a motion sensor.  I wanted a non-film digital camera with compact flash memory to simplify the photo retrieval process. It had to have a flash for night operation and a rechargeable power source. I wasn't really interested in high quality photos suitable for framing but rather something that would give me a reliable record of our night time visitors.

I went with the STC-AD2 Stealth Cam which had all the features I needed in a single package.  It's less expensive than the higher end cameras but it suited my purposes.

After some false starts I mounted the camera along a trail on the north side of King Creek.  My earlier spots were too close to the property line and the neighbors dog was constantly coming over for photo sessions.

The other day I had someone contact me with stories of Bigfoot sightings that go back to the thirties. I guess I'm a little skeptical about that but boy, wouldn't that put this website on the map!?  For me, the holy grail of photos will be a picture of the elusive cougar that is supposed to roam our valley. Stay tuned or e-mail me and I'll notify you if he ever shows up.

Update 4/13 - I've been through several brands of Wildlife Cameras since I wrote the original post and all have had their problems. The Bushnell cameras were the most promising but the biggest disappointment. Recently I've been using the Primos Truth Cam 60 though it's performance has been erratic. I used it to catch the cougar video below and I will be posting other videos on my You Tube page here.


On February 14, 2013 I finally captured this video of our local cougars.

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