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Over the years I have operated several weather stations on the ranch. After the last one burned in the Cedar fire, I replaced it with a Davis Vantage Pro model.  The station is solar powered and transmits data wirelessly to a computer in the house. From there the information is uploaded automatically to our weather station website where you can find up to the minute conditions and details about the installation. See a related entry in my journal here.

My life is impacted daily by the weather. Before I retired, I was an Irrigation Specialist for San Diego State University and the weather had a direct influence on how my day would go. Back on the ranch, a dry winter can mean a long summer with a struggling well. A wet winter means lush growth in the surrounding hills but potential wild fires during the summer. Too much rain and our roads wash out making the drive to town a real adventure. When the news media talks about El Nino or La Nina, I have to listen.

The B & H Ranch is at an elevation of 3,500 ft. We have the ocean influence from the west and the hot desert winds from the east. The winters are relatively mild with few snowy days while the summers can be hot and desert like. Summer temperatures linger in the upper 80's for weeks at time.

Tcarcrossing.jpg (56253 bytes)he drought in the early 90's affected changes on the ranch that are still apparent today. Several Coastal Live Oaks could not take the stress and died. Coulter pines at the higher elevations became infested with beetles and dead areas in the forest are still visible. Wells in the area began to go dry while ours could barely keep up with a load of laundry.


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