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THE Name Horan / O'Horan / Haren

The following comes from pages 183 - 184 of Irish Families - Names, Arms and Origins, by Edward MacLysaght.

The Horan family from County Clare is fairly rare. Most "Horan's" are descendants of the gaelic name "O'hOdhrain". Horan's from Clare are the descendants of the gaelic name "O hArrachain" as explained in the following extract.

The Following was sent to me from Murray Horan of Sydney Australia

The true sept of O'Horan (O hOdhrain [written with accents over the first letter "O" and the letter "a", ed.] originated in Co. Galway whence they spread into Co. Mayo and are now fairly numerous in those Connacht counties.

Another Gaelic surname, O hArrachain [written with accents over the first letter "O" and the second letter "a", ed.], which is a corruption of O Hanradhain (anglice Hanrahan) is commonly anglicised Horan, though in Thomond (Co. Clare), where this minor Dalcassian sept originated, it is usually pronounced and sometimes written, more phonetically Harhan.

Other anglicized forms recorded in Co. Clare are Haren and Haran. Even when written Horan it is pronounced with an internal aspirate which is more accurately represented by the form Haughran, found in the birth registers of Co. Offaly as a synonym of Horan.

Yet another variant, in this case peculiar to Co. Cork, O'Hourahan or O'Horahan, a rare name but one familiar formerly to readers of "The Nation" on account of its regular contributor, M. J. O'Horahan. This family, quite distinct from the Thomond one, belonged to Co. Cork and were erenaghs of Ross. The Horans now found in not inconsiderable numbers in Co. Cork are of this stock.

The distinguished Admiral Horan of the British Navy is the son of a Limerick man, presumably of Thomond lineage.

The name has not been prominent in Irish cultural or political history.

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