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Learning and retaining what I learn (harder these days) is a prime reason for my websites.  They're a way for me to keep notes and hash out ideas that I come across while plodding through my days of retirement. A way to mull things over and ruminate as well as a tactic for solidifying half baked ideas and beliefs.

I'm told that navigating the pages can be confusing and my brother once described my domain as, "The Winchester House of Websites". Funny and not an inappropriate depiction.

     Descanso/ Sherilton Valley  Weather Station

       Located 40 miles east of San Diego, California

     The CreekBed Collection
            Antiquities, Relics, Artifacts

      An eclectic collection gathered by the curators of the CreekBed Museum

    The Webcams   

       Live Views of Mount Cuyamaca and Sherilton Valley
       Southern California


     Flicker Photos

      Personal Photos




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Sherilton Valley Weather Station

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