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Being Your Own Fire Department - Fighting Wildfires and Brushfires Yourself

In the United States, when people talk about rural fire prevention they usually talk about clearing brush and providing safety zones around structures. When a wildfire comes, the discussion turns to exit strategies and escape routes.  It's the conventional wisdom.

In Australia, fire authorities discourage evacuation by able-bodied people. Instead, they are encouraged to remain with their structure during the fire and protect it themselves. The Australian experts indicate that the probability of an occupied structure surviving a wildfire is more than six times that of an unoccupied, unprepared structure. You may also have noticed that during a wildfire, most injuries occur when people become trapped while trying to flee.

I'd like to show how we plan to stay and protect our home from a brush fire.

Important Prerequisites!

A reliable water source must be available.  You must have a defensible space and you must be fit enough to handle the rigors of defending that space.

Here is a rundown of what we have done on our property to prepare for the next inevitable wild fire.

bulletInstalled a 10,000 gallon water tank for storage.
bulletInstalled a fire hydrant within 50' of our house which is fed from the water tank by a 4" pipe. Hydrant uses universal fire hose fittings approved by the rural fire district.
bulletPurchased a 120 GPM - 85 PSI wildfire pump system with 150 ft of 1-1/2" Forestry fire hose. Includes 150 GPM Stream/Fog Polycarbonate Nozzle.
bulletPurchased a 1500 watt portable generator as alternate power source for when electricity is cut off.
bulletCleared brush away from house and purchased equipment to maintain that clearance on a regular basis.

Wildfire Pump System

Hooks to hydrant

4" Fittings off of Tank

4" Pipe Install


Supplied by 4" pipe from tank

10,000 Gal Tank

50' of 1-1/2" Hose



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