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B&H Ranch Descanso California Home Page
Our ranching activities deal with farming, gardening, ecology, wildlife preservation, native plants and homesteading.

Birdhouses & Feeders
Details about our birdhouses and feeders.

Book Recommendations
Books that are recommended by the B&H Ranch .

These are the various forms of communication we use on the ranch.

Country Wells
Our water wells and how to maintain them.

Descanso California Weather Station
The weather station is solar powered and transmits data wirelessly to a computer in the house. From there the information is uploaded automatically to my website

Fire 2003
In 2003 our ranch was burned. This describes that day.

Flora B&H Ranch
These are the native plants that grow on our ranch.

Generators and Power Supplies
How to deal with power outages when living in the country.

The Guns
A description of the guns or firearms that we use on the ranch

Local Wildlife
Some of the local wildlife that live on the ranch.

More Stealth Photos
More photos from our stealth cam.

Nature Trail
Building a nature trail on the B&H Ranch in Descanso California.

Our pet gopher named Oscar.

Pest Control
Our various attempts at contolling pests that come with living in the country.

Who we are.

Ranch Ecology
This is our philosophy about nature and the environment.

Ranch Operation
How we operate the ranch, the tools involved and methods used.

Ranch Septic Tanks
What would a site on rural living be without a page dealing with septic tanks.

Ranch Tools
The tools we use to maintain the ranch.

Ranch Wildlife
The various forms of wildlife that visit the ranch.

Rural Disease Control
Subjects that come up are Hanta Virus, Lyme Disease and The Plague

Sherilton Valley Birds
Birds native to Descanso and the Sherilton Valley area.

The B&H Ranch Store
We do on occasion sell Bantam Chickens and Peafowl

The Deer Feeding Station
This describes our attempt to encourage deer back into our area.

The Feeding Stations
Making our ranch wildlife friendly with feeding stations.

The House
Manufactured homes and the process of installing one on our property.

The Indians
The Kumeyaay Indians who used to live on our property.

The Journal - B&H Ranch- Descanso California
Feeding the birds, trapping gophers & mice, clearing brush, repairing chainsaws, fixing the plumbing and planting trees.

The Mice
How mice will take over your world and how to combat them.

The Plumbing
Maintaining the plumbing and pipes on the ranch. How to glue PVC pipe.

The Ranch Cam Archives

The Ranch Camlast five photos

The Ranch Fire Station
How to fight wildfires and brushfires and the important prerequisites before you do!

The Stealth Camera
Our motion activated camera so we can photograph the wildlife that visit our property

The Mount Cuyamaca Webcam
This is the view that our webcam takes of Mount Cuyamaca in Descanso, Southern California.

Water Tanks
Our large tanks for water storage.

Webcam setup
This is the webcam setup at the B&H Ranch in Descanso, Southern California.

Wild Turkeys
The influx of wild turkeys has had a real impact on our area.

Wildlife Habitat
A description of how to make a wildlife habitat.

Archives - The Journal

February 2006
Journal for February 2006.

March 2006
Journal for March 2006.

April 2006
Journal for April 2006

May 2006
Journal for May 2006

June 2006
Journal for June 2006

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